Residential Landlord Insurance

Add tenants into the equation and you’re instantly transformed from property owner to residential landlord, and property owner insurance alone will not cover all your responsibilities.

A Residential Landlord’s Insurance policy can give you as a landlord the most appropriate form of cover, providing protection against the sort of problems you may encounter.

For example, a storm may damage the roof of your property, and a loose tile hit the neighbour’s car, or worse, the neighbour themselves. The building itself will be covered under a Residential Landlord policy, so the roof can be fixed quickly while any damage to the neighbour’s car or injury they may have suffered will be covered with Public Liability cover.

Of course this responsibility extends to inside the property, as you need to make sure that your property is fit for your tenants to live in. So any boiler breakdown would need remedying straight away, especially if it occurs during the winter months. With Residential Landlord’s Insurance in place, this can be dealt with.

Issues can take shape in the most simplest of forms, or snowball into far more complex legal disputes, despite your best intentions. BHK are able to offer cover incidents that may arise as a residential landlord, wherever your properties are in the UK.