Commercial Landlord Insurance

If you own the building you operate from, and rent it out to another business, any damage to the building, either inside or out, can spell large costs in loss of rent and repair work if you don’t have adequate Commercial Landlord Insurance in place.

Damage does not need to be dramatic to wreak havoc. Sometimes the less obvious the hazard, the more mayhem it can create.

On a much larger claim scale, retail distribution and industrial premises accounted for a quarter of fires in between 2012 – 2013, according to the UK Government’s fire statistics. When you consider that warehouses and similar premises normally have fewer walls for a spreading fire to come up against than most office premises, a fire can easily amount to an entire rebuild.

For you as a commercial property landlord, this can be covered under a Commercial Landlord Insurance policy arranged by BHK, along with the buildings contents, loss of rent, property owner liability, subsidence and cover for other perils and risks depending on where the property is and how it’s used.

Wherever your property or properties are in the UK, at BHK we can advise on your options, keeping a specific focus on your business and its individual traits when arranging a policy.