Travel Insurance

We’re advised to take precautions before we go on holiday. High factor sun cream, injections, bags with secure fastenings; yet many still seem happy to chance it when it comes to Travel Insurance.

A Insurance policy, such as one that can be arranged by the team at BHK, can mean can cover for your hospital care costs if you become ill or have an accident, and aim to ensure that your phone, camera, or any other gadgets you have on your person can be replaced or fixed if they’re lost, damaged or stolen.

Unfortunately, as an insurance broker arranging Travel Insurance, we’ve had many encounters with the types of incidents that can befall a happy holidaymaker. Whilst we can’t guarantee that these problems won’t impact on your trip, we can at least help you prepare for them with the right cover in place, whether you’re over 55, travelling solo, globetrotting, or enjoying a family break.

If you’re in need of any guidance around other factors that may affect your Travel Insurance, such as if you have a pre-existing medical condition, are planning on travelling while pregnant, or are considering a trip near to countries with travel warnings, then our team at BHK would be more than happy to help.