Personal Accident Insurance

Some of us may be more accident prone than others, but then you may have an occupation where your either more at risk of injury, or your absence could be detrimental to business operations.

If you have such an occupation, or position within a business, such as if you have specialist knowledge, are a manager, or you’re self employed, BHK can help with Personal Accident Insurance.

Designed to support you financially if you suffer an injury after an accident, Personal Accident Insurance can give you additional peace of mind with cover for medical expenses, lost income and regular outgoings such as mortgage, rent, and utility bills.

Through a Personal Accident policy arranged by BHK, if you do suffer an injury and can’t work for an extended period, you may receive weekly payments to keep your finances steady while you recover.

Your injury may prove more serious, resulting in a disability or death, in which case you’re monthly Personal Accident premium would allow for a lump sum to be paid either to you or your family.

If you’re thinking about whether Personal Accident Insurance is right for you, speak to the team at BHK and we’d be more than happy to talk you through this cover and if it’s likely to benefit you.