Public Liability Insurance

As members of the public, we perhaps wrongly assume that we can walk down a pavement or across a car park, drive along the road, and climb stairs in a shop or leisure centre without encountering any problems.

But uneven paving slabs, icy concrete, mud on the road, and rainwater on a marble staircase can suddenly make the simplest of journeys hazardous.

Keeping on top of all your responsibilities as a business or public body is no mean feat, which is why BHK can support your business with varying Public Liability Insurance.

Public Liability covers any claim made by a third party against you for which you are legally liable.

Public Liability Insurance should be high on your list of insurance essentials if members of the public visit your business premises, you or your employees visit or provide a service for them, or you organise an event or activity which is attended by members of the public. Local councils and farmers may also be held responsible for any accidents on roads or pavements, but our team at BHK can advise further on this if you’re unsure whether you need Public Liability Insurance.