Liability Insurance

As a business owner, your business could do with a combination of one or more liability covers. Of course these can be arranged as separate policies, but you can have the same quality protection under one cohesive liability policy arranged by the team at BHK. This offers the simplicity of one renewal date and is our way of making your business insurance requirements clearer.

Let’s say you have a distribution company that employs 50 members of staff and were thinking about how you might cover all liabilities. Each staff member will be covered by Employers’ Liability, and Public Liability will cover any damage that your operative may cause to someone else’s proprty. Any products you’ve supplied that cause damage to a third party can be covered under Product Liability, while senior managers or directors can be supported in the event of claims from shareholders, employees and members of the public with Directors and Officers Insurance.

This example amount to four different covers, all of which can be rolled into the same Liability Insurance package by our consultants at BHK, who will look into the insurance essentials for your business before making sure these are in place.