Employers Liability Insurance

Nothing can guarantee the wellbeing of your staff and volunteers. One of the best ways you can protect them is through regular risk assessments, an up to date health and safety policy, and Employers’ Liability Insurance. The latter is a legal requirement for any organisation who hires staff or volunteers, either full or part-time, permanent or temporary, and it’s something we can help with at BHK Insurance.

There can be many injury scenarios to contend with in the work place, be it slips, trips or falling from height.

You can never account for the severity of a person’s injuries. One employee may need months of medical support and treatment following something as seemingly innocuous as a trip at work, while another may walk away with fairly minor injuries after falling from a considerable height.

With staff competency, safe working conditions and adequate plant and equipment all falling under your responsibility as an employer, support from an Employers Liability Insurance policy can make all the difference. If you’re a business, talk to us at BHK and we’ll explain how we can support you.