Contractors Liability Insurance

Contractors face the same liabilities as any organisation, but have the added challenge of ever-changing operations, defined by shifting work patterns, locations and sites.

Many of your clients will stipulate that you need some form of liability insurance for contractors cover in place before taking on any project, as you may not be covered by their Liability insurance. Considering that businesses would typically source contract work for large and critical projects, it’s no surprise that while claims against contractors are increasing, they normally come at a high price – one that could be costly to any business, let alone a self-employed individual.

As well as considering the safety of those around you with Employers’ and Public Liability, your expertise as a contractor can be supported with the addition Professional Indemnity Insurance, so if a problem emerges after completion, your hard earned income is not taken up with legal fees or compensation awards.

With Product Liability, Contract Works Cover and Plant Cover also available within the Contractors’ Insurance we can place for you at BHK, you can have one complete package that is not only trade specific, but covers several areas you’d need to consider as a contractor in one policy.