Professional Indemnity Insurance

Forgetting and ignoring are two very different things. If a client you have provided a professional service to is seeking compensation, you can ease your worries if you have the right Professional Indemnity insurance in place.

It’s a good idea to imagine the worst case scenario to work out what level of Professional Indemnity Insurance you might need, but this is something that our own professionals at BHK can help advise you with. So for an architect, this may be a building you’ve designed, one that’s cost millions, not being fit for purpose.

By envisaging such outcomes you can begin to see the benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance, not just for covering legal costs and compensation, but for the time it will save in defending your case, time that can be better spent on your business.

By trusting in our expertise at BHK, we can help you defend yours against any claims in the future so they’re not getting in the way of your professional service.