About Us

BHK Insurance Services Ltd was formed by Brett Ridley in 2006 after 13 years’ experience working within the insurance industry, with a vision to provide a very high level of personal service to ensure that companies and individuals get the right advice. After all, an insurance broker wouldn’t expect to tell a plumber how to install a central heating system but when it comes to insurance, a plumber might need advice and guidance to ensure they purchase cover that’s right for them.

Brett started BHK by renting a desk in an accountant’s office before growing the business and moving into our current office on Broadway, Leigh on Sea. Today, BHK has a team of dedicated members of staff.

This strong team of insurance specialists focus on customers and hold their insurance protection above all other priorities. It’s important to us that this remains the case and so we’d like to give you and your business the same uncompromising attention when it comes to arranging your insurance. That way, you can be sure that when you take out a policy through us, your protection comes first.

It’s this approach that has served us so well over the past decade and we’re currently celebrating our 10th anniversary – something which speaks of the level of service we provide our clients.

Brett and the team at BHK have access to various UK insurers and Lloyd’s markets, so no matter how big or small your business or your requirements, BHK can help and our welcoming team are practiced in delivering insurance protection for a variety of businesses and individuals.

Whilst we’re an independent broker, meaning we’re not aligned to any insurer commission, we’re supported by our membership to Broker Network, a setup that allows us access to reams of insurance products from UK insurers, as well as specialist underwriters. This means we’ll deliver an insurance policy which holds real value for you or your business in the protection it offers, for a premium that’s feasible for you.